Conference Programme

  1. 5 mins
    Eithne Treanor, Managing Director, E Treanor Media
  1. 15 mins
    Planning for energy and water efficiency is a central aspect of a sustainable urban environment. This session will provide an overview of how the different aspects of sustainability in urban environme ...
  1. 40 mins
    Panel: Governments want far greater sustainability within buildings designed for their urban environments. This session will discuss the importance of bringing together engineering and technology skil ...
  1. 45 mins
    Panel: The construction sector can take a conservative approach to embracing new technologies. This session will discuss how smart technologies such as 3D printing, building information management, dr ...
  1. 25 mins
  1. 50 mins
    The discrepancy between a design’s stated compliance with energy efficiency objectives and actual post-construction building performance is widening, as mandatory codes and voluntary rating systems be ...
  1. 5 mins
  1. 60 mins
  1. 35 mins
    • Retrofitting Insight
    Retrofits managed by energy services companies allow building owners to pay for the work done through savings on their electricity and water bills. It places the risk on the shoulders of the Esco, but ...
  1. 45 mins
    • Retrofitting Insight
    Panel: Several regional governments have ambitious targets for improving the energy efficiency of buildings and have embarked on retrofitting programmes. Other authorities are expected to follow suit. ...
  1. 40 mins
    • Retrofitting Insight
    Panel: A discussion on which type of buildings best suit retrofitting, best-practice, novel approaches and what market conditions are necessary to ensure success in upgrading a building and making it ...
  1. 0 mins

Co-Located Events

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  • Solar Expo
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  • International Water Summit
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  • Eco Waste Exhibition